Who I am and what I do...

 My name is Sabine,

 my spiritual name, artist name and my label is Sabella.

Those who know me, often just call me the Happiness Fairy.

 They say that I've got the abilitiy to create wellness and harmony in their hearts, and a smile in their soul.


 I am a being of the new times and a very old soul, blessed with three special gifts.

They became my vocation.



 Born with the master number 11, and as one of the early indigo crystal children,  spirituality was my very first language, and I'm a so-called synaesthesist and clairsentient.


And so, I've always been a bit 'different'...

...but then, not really so much, because:

  • my great grandmother had deep wisdom about prayer and incantation 
  • my grandmother had the ability to move objects with  the power of thought, look deep into the heart of every human being, and had the wonderful gift of awakening the good within it
  • allthough my grandfather was not fond of floating tables, he himself was a master of the dowsing rods, and on reading the signs and the language of nature
  • my great aunt spoke the language of the angels, had healing abilities and was said to be an angel in human form.
  • and my great grandmother knew about the healing qualities of plants, nature, and words.

.For me, all this was quite normal.

I am just me, as I am.






 As well as with spirituality, I've been gifted with creativity as long as I can think, blessed with an endless and steady flow. Inspirations arise as inner pictures, silently asking to become real, to get a shape, a color and a form, to become tangeable, adding bits of color, beauty and light to our world, to everyday life.


And again, as one could say, I was born for this, with this, through this, gifted from all sides:

  • my great grandmother was an excellent tailor, and my great grandfather a skilled craftsman and tinkerer
  • my grandmother could create the most amazing pictures and paintings,
  • one grandfather was a passionate house builder and musician, and the other one was a writer and a poet
  • my mother can create the most wonderful flower ensembles and transform the smallest room into an enchanting state hall
  • and my father was very skilled in the art of marketing and bringing beautiful things out into the world.

And, well, I have always been multi creative, with lots of love for color and form, for harmony and balance, putting all this into my works, made of various kinds of materials, always adding this very special ingredient, the special breeze of love, which here in Greece, we lovingly call "Meraki'.


And so, all these little bits came together, and found their special place and their optimized task within my everydays work , lead my to my destination, my vocation,

became skills, got certificates and names:

  • Emotionscode Practinioner
  • Soul Body Fusion Practitioner
  • Trance Healing Medium
  • Spiritual Earth Healer and Crystal Worker
  • Bussiness Feng Shui Consultant
  • Bach Flower Practitioner
  • Astrology Consultant
  • Gestalt Therapie Guide
  • Oneness Deeksha Giver
  • passionate Artisan and spiritual Painter
  • inspirierte Designerin und diplomierte Kauffrau

 And now and then, I'm also a narrator, a writer,

 or even a poet,

 and write something beautiful,

 something inspiring,

 which you will soon also find here on this page,

at my Happiness Blog



These 3 gifts, spirituality, creativity and versatility,

became my daily being and doing,

my soul mission, my calling and vocation,

my gifts to bring happiness into your world.


"Happiness, thats the wonderful thing which doubles while it's shared"

(Albert Schweitzer)

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